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Hi, My name is Lehel and I am the source behind Kaelgrafi...I developed my graphic and designing skills through classical art education. I got my degree at the Academy of Fine - Graphic Design spetialization .


My chosen field of expertise is logo design, corporate visual identity and branding. While freelancing I cooperated with many customers and they were quite satisfied with my working methods and taste. My artistic philosophy is that there is a universal visual expression which is timeless and can reach anyone and everyone. I use trends to guide me to this omnipotent form that I can channel through my talent and working method. I realize that education and talent is just a part of the deal; maintainig a good relationship with the customers and fullfilling their desires and needs is just as important.

I share the welknown axiom of logo designing that a logo shall be unique, simple, memorable and  timeless.
My job is to endowe clients with a memorable and unique visual identity as well as all the related design works of the client’s desire. If that is what You had in your mind, contact me to discuss what i can do for You.



Regards Kaelgrafi


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CoreLiquid - Logo design
"That's the first time I worked with Lehel on a very import project : my corporate logo. We stared to work together even not knowing each other. What I discovered in Lehel is highly professional, talented designer and illustrator.
  Today, it is not enough to be talented. To be a professional is to respect the delay, to take care of the customers, the relationship and to respect their expectations.To be professional is also to respect it own commitment: what I say is what will be done in time and cost. For this, Lehel is a real professional. Always respecting it's engagement, a behavior that personally I appreciated a lot and which make all the difference. Lehel is also a very kind person with a lot of humanity and has done a very nice work.
Definitively, I will recommend him and hope he will still stay the same for the next projects. ..:-)"

I hired Kaelgrafi to design the logo for my marketing and communications firm. What a rare find! I got to work with a detail- oriented, highly talented designer, who would respond to every feedback and request with fresh ideas, passion and most importantly, patience. My marketing material by Kaelgrafi gets frequent compliments at networking events in the San Francisco Bay Area. I would hire or recommend him to anyone in my professional circles, without hesitation.


Julia Kocs
KOCS: brand + comm

Fox in the Box - Maki Ferenc


"We are very proud to our logo and branding created by Kaelgrafi. It is minimal but also playful and right to the point. It conveys what we are and what we do on a way out of the box. Why we choose him? First of all because the vast portfolio of high class works and originality way above the others."

Red Clay Democrats - Howard Franklin


"Terrific designer. Timely communication, easy to work with, and patient with many design edits."


PurSuit - Mette Schjelderup


" Kaelgrafi is a great creative, and I would recommend him to anyone. He understood what I was looking for and made the changes I requested. I am very pleased with his work! "



Erdbär - Alex Neumann


"...very good creative work. honest opinions when receiving our feedback. this was fun!"


Wentorico - Eniko Ionescu


 "Kaelgrafi was hired to create the  identity package for our company.At the start we was impressed by his huge and professional portofolio and we are really happy as we make the decision to work with him. He was fast to deliver original  concepts and he always propose the right tweaking. Kaelgrafi gave us three different options to choose between.

    All three would have worked great and was a hard process to choose the final version. We beleve he is  a designer with outstanding technical and conceptual perfection. Our Company is very proud by the result and  the most important thing we can mention, the feedback from client is 100% positive, more than that our new visual identity significantly increase the interest of our clients and competition too!"



KaufCap - Noah Tal Kaufman


"Kaelgrafi was professional, smart, deliberate and very candid about the whole process. He is a star designer and we are confident that his logo will help our company gro w and succeed in a world where making your mark is crucial to brand recognition and growth. We are also confident that his work will command recognition and respect in the years to come and we are proud to have had the opportunity to work with him. "



CE Learning Systems - Maximillian Schwanekamp


"Kaelgrafi's first entry was the top entry in our logo contest, and rather than resting on his laurels he very quickly made improvements according to our feedback. Respons ive and professional. We look forward to working with him again."

Gwitty.com - Dariusz Borowski


Kaelgrafi delivers professional work and provides the best quality of the product with various variations to help your brand stand out. I would love to work with this des igner in the future as well! All the best - Gwitty.com!


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