Necessary information for Logo design or full branding project


How much are you planning to invest for the project? ($USD, Euro)

Please provide a rough idea of what you're willing to invest on your brand image

Logo design or company branding price is allways variable.There is no a fix price

because expectations are different.First you need to decide what kind of visual identity package do you need.Please give me some information about:


- Do you have a brand name? Or this is also a part of the project?

- Do you need a tag line created?

- Do you need busines card(s) designed

- Will you be requiring a stationery design package?

- Are you inrterested in any other design like, DVD cover, Book cover, package design, T -shirt desig, Banner design -print or web, Invitation

card design, anything else?


Business field details ( Necessary informations)

What product or service does your business offer?

Please provide general information about your business:

- Your location

- How many employees you have

- How many years are you active in your busines filed ?

- Your target market? age, purchasing power, gender, yearly income, etc

- Your competitors name , webpage or any other materials?


Please provide links and a short descriptions about what style of logo & visual identity do you like.

Logo styles: Corporate, Abstract, Figurative, Txt based logo, 3D logo, Vintage logo style, web 2.0 style, cartoonish logo, etc.

Feel free to add as many information you can.This will help me to understand your

taste and expectations.


Visual identity (Brand) information

- The exact wording you would like to appear in the logo

- There is any idea behind the name?

- Where will your logo be used and seen? Web, Print, TV, etc

- What are your personal preferences? Please provide links with your prefered logos.

- Prefered colors & color combos for your company image.

- Prefered font styles ( Serif, Sans, Slaab, Script, Modern, Handmade - Unique, other...

- If you have any specific icons,symbols,or any other graphic style, please list them here.



How did you find me ?  

Why you choose me for this project?


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